Bisi Bele Bath

My go-to Sunday brunch. Hot, spicy, filling and protein-rich!


Cooking for:   2
Rice       2 cup
Toor Dal       4 cup
Tomatoes       2
Frozen peas + carrots       2 bag
Canned garbanzo beans       2 can
Tamarind paste       2 tsp
Salt       2 pinch
Bisi bele bath powder       2 tbsp
Tadka Pan
Curry Leaves       12
Mustard Seeds       2 pinch
Oil (Canola)       2 tbsp
Raw Peanuts       20
Cashew       10
Onions       1
Aesofatida       2 pinch


  • Put all the instapot ingredients in the instapot with 1 litre of water and pressure cook for 20 minutes.
  • When the instapot is almost done, we can start with the tadka.

    • Heat oil in a pan. You can test if it’s hot by dropping in a mustard seed. If it pops, it’s hot. Set flame to medium low.
    • Add mustard seeds.
    • Add finely chopped onions.
    • Add raw peanuts.
    • Add curry leaves.
    • Add a pinch of aesofatida.
  • Turn of the tadka pan and add it’s contents to the instapot.
  • Mix well and serve with a side of onion raita.