My name is Sanjay and this is my blog. I love to code, cook and watch movies. I'm the cofounder of Rune (YC W19). Before this, I studied Social Networks at MIT and Physics at IIT Madras.

🗓️ September 7th 2020·⏳ 2 min

One Pot Dal

Really easy and fast to make in an instapot!

🗓️ July 7th 2020·⏳ 1 min

Bisi Bele Bath

My go-to Sunday brunch. Hot, spicy, filling and protein-rich!

🗓️ March 28th 2018·⏳ 2 min

Postgres: Idle queries and pg_locks

Getting postgres unstuck when it seems to "hang" or be super slow on queries

🗓️ March 7th 2016·⏳ 1 min

Install fonts on Ubuntu Server

Because life be boring without typography.

🗓️ May 10th 2015·⏳ 1 min

Coffeescript code guide

Coffeescript code conventions I try to use.

🗓️ August 27th 2014·⏳ 2 min

The Food Ritual

Finish that South Indian meal perfectly.

🗓️ August 5th 2014·⏳ 1 min

Clone Magento from Production to your Local Machine

Eliminate all the vague problems you encounter when cloning your magento environment.

🗓️ June 9th 2014·⏳ 3 min

Linux Server Set Up - To Do List

You just got SSH access to your linux server. Now what?

🗓️ June 7th 2014·⏳ 4 min

A NodeJS 'Hello World' Tutorial using Heroku

Create a simple hello world web page that you can actually visit on your browser using NodeJS.

🗓️ April 4th 2014·⏳ 2 min

Javascript Types: Cheatsheet

A detailed cheatsheet that covers the nitty-gritties of the 6 types of values in javascript.

🗓️ March 11th 2014·⏳ 1 min

Postgres Cheat Sheet

A quick reference to postgreSQL 9.x syntax

🗓️ January 21st 2014·⏳ 1 min

Setting up my webserver on a Cubietruck

Running a webserver on my tiny PC on a board. Only because the cubietruck is useless as a media centre.

🗓️ December 29th 2013·⏳ 3 min

Setting up my Mac for development

Getting started with development on your Mac. Homebrew and Sublime Text to the rescue!

🗓️ December 17th 2013·⏳ 1 min

Terminal Quick Tips for Mac

A cheatsheet full of terminal commands, from basic to bombastic and frequently updated.

🗓️ December 17th 2013·⏳ 1 min

Install PostgreSQL (version of choice) on a Mac

Brewing your very own postgres version. Potent. You don't want to do this any other way!

🗓️ July 2nd 2012·⏳ 1 min

Buy Air or New Gen Pro. Don't get trapped in the middle.

My take on Apple's new product line (2012). SSD is the way to go my friends!