Buy Air or New Gen Pro. Don't get trapped in the middle.

My take on Apple's new product line (2012). SSD is the way to go my friends!

I’ve waited for this WWDC since forever, with bated breath. I had already decided that I was going to buy the top of the line MacBook Pro that apple would release. Things were crystal clear in my head - my mid-2010 MacBook Pro would go and in would come a brand new baby which was rumoured to be an air/pro hybrid with a retina display.

Well out it came and with it came a muddle of other things - there were the airs and the new gen pros, but then there were also the “updated old pros”. The worst of it? No new gen 13-inch pro. Hmph.

So now I’m caught in the middle.

If I want a 13-inch machine, I have 2 options - the Air or the “updated pro” sans retina display, sans SSD. Why would anyone buy the “updated” pro? The air costs the same, is thinner, lighter and has better screen resolution and is snappy courtesy SSD.

If I want a 15-inch machine, I have 2 options - the “updated pro” and the killer new gen pro. Why would anyone buy the “updated pro”? The new gen pro costs only 400$ more, but gives you SSD, a retina display, is thinner and lighter.

But all this left me wondering, Why does Apple have these “updated pros”???? It’s evident that they shouldn’t exist. That Apple would put these out there, for people to accidentally buy, leaves me dissatisfied. I’ve always known apple to never give one a rubbish option. The only possible reasons I can think of anyone wanting an “updated pro” - cost (but not really), legacy equipment (optical drives etc. - come on, you’ll have to let go of that stuff) or… Well that’s it really.

Don’t get stuck in the middle. Buy the air or the new gen pro. Trust me.