Setting up my webserver on a Cubietruck

Running a webserver on my tiny PC on a board. Only because the cubietruck is useless as a media centre.

So, I was all curious about these single board computers and thought I’d get my hands on one. The original aim was to set up a raspberry pi as a media server. When we went to the raspberry pi distributor (nice chap, sells the pi and accessories in Bangalore), we found a more powerful alternative - the CubieTruck. 2GHz arm allwinner processor, 8 gig onboard flash storage, 2 gigs of RAM. We figured might as well buy it.

We decided to use this fellow as a webserver for one of our new projects. So here’s what we did -:

The Steps

  1. Flashed the cubietruck NAND storage with Arch Linux (you can get that here)
  2. Created a new admin user with sudo permissions.
  3. Installed nodejs using pacman
  4. Installed postgresql using pacman (arch’s package manager)
  5. Configured postgres

    • Initialized the postgres database
    • Set a password for the postgres user
    • Configured remote access